victor boullet & guillermo srodek-hart.


i like this photo, and i’m particularly fascinated by the lack of detail surrounding boullet’s photographic series featuring kate. what happened to this girl? although i’m craving an explanation, or an artist’s statement of some kind, i’m intrigued by victor’s work. it’s a little thrown together at times, but some of the photographs are enchantingly sophisticated and produce an incredibly peculiar response. while you’re navigating around his page, also take a look at the oblivion series.

Picture 4.png

Picture 1.png

if you like victor boullet’s oblivion project, you might also be interested in taking a look at guillermo srodek-hart’s animalia series, as pictured above.


One response to “victor boullet & guillermo srodek-hart.

  1. i think she got a nose job is what happened.

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