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aaron wojack.

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i like this kid, he’s a good guy. check out more of his work here.



this series is pretty extraordinary. i can’t stop looking. these are all taken from the documerica project (1971-1977). see more of what the national archive has to offer.

Subway Car. (From the Sites Exhibition. for Other Images in This Assignment, See Fiche Numbers 42, 97.). 05/1973

Two Girls Smoking Pot During an Outing in Cedar Woods near Leakey, Texas. (Taken with Permission). One of Nine Pictures. Near San Antonio 05/1973


Matthew Vieira Stands in the Very Place Where, Some Thirty-Five Years Ago, He Took These Pictures of His Children. At That Time the Area Was Wood Island Park (Known Earlier as World War I Memorial Park). Since Then the Water Has Been Filled in and the Site has become part of Logan Airport, 06/1973

philip cheung.

Picture 10

check it.

a.j. wilhelm.

Picture 7

Picture 5

Picture 4

a.j. is probably one of the nicest guys i’ve ever met. overall, he’s just an awesome kind of guy that takes one hell of a photograph. check out more of his work. these are from a series done in afghanistan that he titles ‘kabul heroin smokers’

israel and palestine.




photos from alan taylor’s the big picture.