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santiago mostyn.


santiago mostyn is a traveling photographer and writer most recently based in brooklyn. an excerpt from the series, “all most heaven.”


jason lazarus.

Picture 15

Picture 14

Picture 16

see more of jason’s work, it’s worth your while.

hosang park.


more images here.

norman mclaren.

this is ‘dots,’ an early animation by mr. mclaren.

erika svensson.




the website isn’t too extensive, but see more here.

atta kim.


atta kim has some good stuff going on, and i’m really loving the long exposure project. here’s an eight hour snap of W57th and 5th. if you feel like waiting eight hours for his site to load, you can check out more of his work right here. what’s up with photographers and all of the obnoxious flash on their websites?

sam taylor-wood.

Picture 12.png

Picture 11.png

represented by white cube of london, taylor-wood’s photographs and videos are really where it’s at. take a look and see for yourself.