spencer tunick.





Cronica Spencer Tunick Mexico



6 responses to “spencer tunick.

  1. I’m pretty sure I saw his work at the Sagamore on Miami Beach.
    Does he have shots of the nudes hanging out on hotel balconies?
    I think one of them they’re each popping a bottle of champagne.
    Love Ripa!!!!

  2. rippppaaa! i’m not sure if that’s him, but if it’s the nudies, one can only assume. i’ve seen a bunch of installations he did using a bunch of people in a swimming pool with green floaty things. it kinda looked like it might be at a hotel, but i’m only guessing. ❤

  3. I like that … Its really a spectacular pics ,,, nice .. but y are they doing like that?

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  5. i saw some of this guys work in atlanta about 5 years ago. AMAZING.

  6. Hi if you want more insight into why we do this, or more info about Spencer and his art, come to http://www.spencertunickforum.org or our sister site http://www.thespencertunickexperience.org
    Many of us have posed a few times.
    Yes that was the Sagamore Hotel with the pool and balconies. etc.

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