brian dettmer – book autopsy.


Dettmer’s work involves the alteration of preexisting media to transform the physical form and/or to selectively remove and reveal content to create new works of fine art. Dettmer explains: “Old books, records, tapes, maps, and other media frequently fall into a realm that too much of today’s art occupies. Their intended role has decreased or deceased and they often exist simply as symbols of the ideas they represent rather than true conveyers of content. … When an object’s intended function is fleeting, the necessity for a new approach to its form and content arises.”


2 responses to “brian dettmer – book autopsy.

  1. These remind me of Joseph Cornell’s mysterious boxes. I reviewed Charles Simic’s DIMESTORE ALCHEMY on my site, Simic writing prose poem responses to Cornell’s eccentric offerings. Wonderful stuff.
    Dettmer’s work looks impressive as well–what a mind it takes to come up with something like this. You might also want to check out Thomas Allen’s cutout artworks–you’ll be amazed!

  2. nice. thanks for the recommendation!

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