terry richardson is trashy-awesome.

this is terry:


this is his mom:



Josie Milk.jpg

mac culkin:


lindsay lohan:


batman & robin:

batman-done - 14.jpg

harmony korine & chloe sevigny:

Harmony Chloe Kiss.jpg

and this is terry with his dad:


i first found out about terry richardson a few years ago when a friend of mine was cutting out rectangles from his book ‘terry’s world’ to use as post-cards. cliff and his friends thought it would be funny to cut out some raunchy photos out, and send them to their friends while they travelled america one summer. come to find out, terry richardson is kind of an international celebrity. he’s famous for this raw, “i just took a picture with flash and a disposable camera,” and an “i hate you,” american apparel style documentation of these sometimes trashy looking people. everything he’s shot is relatively provocative, many times way over the top, and borderline soft-core, sexually suggestive.



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