henry viii’s wives.


henry viii’s wives reproduced iconic moments of the 20th century with some old folks in glasgow that all lived in a an assisted living home. the photographs all depict the elderly volunteers in their everyday street gear, reenacting historical events just outside their assisted living center nursing home place.


2 responses to “henry viii’s wives.

  1. Nah…Senior citizens are notorious for having a bad temperament. They could be very nice at one moment and very angry the next.

  2. either way.. they’re just so, so, so cute. you can see how excited they are in most of the photos, ya know? just to be there, to participate, to get involved. it’s supposed to be semi-serious, and they just cant help but smile. if we all showed the old dogs some new tricks, maybe we can switch that up a little bit.. those folks look like they’re a bunch of happy kids. and that’s what’s up.

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