big heads and loretta lux.

phre·nol·o·gy – (frĭ-nŏl’ə-jē)

n. the study of the shape and protuberances of the skull, based on the now discredited belief that they reveal character and mental capacity.

Picture 5.png

developed in the 1700s by franz joseph gall, phrenology is pretty much based on antidotal information that seeks to bridge the gap between physical and mental reality.

Picture 4.png

big head = big brain?

i can’t help but think of loretta lux. one of my favorite photographers and a champion of photoshop, loretta lux is the ultimate surrealist photographer of children. she takes the photo, then slightly morphs their bodies so that at first, the disfiguration seems completely unrecognizable. with further examination of the photograph, one may start to notice subtle differences in the proportions of the bodies. here’s some of her work. it’s kind of creepy-crazy children of the corn style.












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